Breaking video - Trump golfs as Dorian approaches.

The unfit occupant of the White House went golfing yesterday, as one million Florida and North Carolina citizens were forced to evacuate their homes fearing the now Category 4 hurricane's approach. The powerful storm had been downgraded from Category 5 as it lost power over the Bahamas, where it was responsible for 5 deaths.

Trump went golfing as Hurricane Dorian threatens

He tweeted his own inaccurate storm on Sunday, declaring that he had never heard of a Category 5 hurricane, although there have been four Category 5 storms since he entered the White House.

Here is my article on the subject.

As for Trump lackey, Mike Pence, he did as he was told. He went to golf in a Trump golf course in Ireland.

Of course.

#TrumpHatesAmerica #GOPHatesAmerica #BlueVictory2020


September 3, 2019

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