BREITBART is the so-called "News" arm of Steve Bannon, the right wing King of Conspiracies character, now "Chief Executive" of the Presidential Campaign of Republican candidate Donald Trump. This is the guy white supremacists are so excited about. You will soon see why.

What follows are samples of his inflammatory wares....

ATTACKS to arouse fear in people who support Israel, specifically Jewish voters.

Bill Kristol, is a neoconservative political analyst and commentator. He was Dan Quayle's Chief of Staff. He is not a Trump supporter. In fact, he went so far to say that it might be time for a New Party if a Trump alternative doesn't materialize. Breitbart came out shooting.

The Headline is all for Breitbart. Most readers go no further. Breitbart just wants people to have negative feelings about Hillary and to think of her as anti-Jewish and anti-Israel. No matter.

Breitbart's attacks on Hillary are seemingly never ending. Here are two sample Breitbart headlines - one, accusing her emails of causing Chris Stevens' death, the other, accusing the Clinton Foundation of racketeering.

It is Breitbart that created and then amplified the false journalism, which claims Hillary is sick. They often bring in Roger Stone (the Clinton War against Women) as an expert witness.

If you wonder where you heard something terrible about Hillary, it was likely a Breitbart fantasy and a Breitbart attack.

Here are two serious bits of Breitbart insanity- one, they accuse Hillary of creating their candidate's Birther charges against President Obama, and two, they back up Trump's trumped up claim that Hillary and the President founded Isis. Seriously

Though sometimes, it may seem otherwise, Breitbart is not just all about the Clintons. They have other favorite crazy messages too.ere

Climate Change is a favorite target. Here's an attack, going off on Climate Change and linking it to higher taxes. Yes, this is Breitbart London. They spread the same junk internationally.

Here is more madness.

They simply make stuff up, like this headline above, all in defense of Trump and all in full offense against Muslims.

Their preference as they spew hatred is a headline which hits two targets with one stone.Here they go after one of their favorite targets, Feminists, who get the blame of working class men's problems.

The woman hating at Breitbart is pretty intense. Here are some samples and feminists are their frequent targets.

Here is just one more.

Muslims, gay people...two for the price of one.

One more on Muslims, and back to Hillary via attacks on Huma, who gets much attention from Breitbart and yes, as is inevitable, by Roger Stone.

Now we move on to one of the ways Breitbart overtly supports Trump - by the repeated suggestion that our elections are rigged. By doing this, they damage our great democracy. Here is a sample, featuring again their and Trump's pet writer Roger Stone

The attempt to destabilize our democracy by claiming the election is rigged is often a Breitbart headline, but let us not dwell on this. In conclusion, have a look at one more outrageous rumor they would like to impose. There are no words.

These are Trump's people.


One further note. When Trump loses in November (and he will if we call get out the vote, expect Trump Media to arrive shortly thereafter, with Bannon and Roger Ailes under a Trump Banner. Murdoch and Fox News were child's play. Be afraid, America. Be very afraid.

### August 2016

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