This is the promised final entry for Voices4Hillary's series WHO WILL HILLARY PICK- advocacies on Hillary's choice for VP. The estimable Ann Lewis began the series, telling us how we Democrats pick a VP. Now she tells us how Hillary picked Tim Kaine. Straight from #DNCinPHL.


by Ann Lewis

When reporters last week asked Hillary how she was choosing her VP, she told them, " I was afflicted with the responsibility gene."

On Friday she showed us what she meant--and on Saturday Tim Kaine showed us why.


Let's be clear: Kaine was not a political choice: he does not deliver a state. (Virginia was looking good for Hillary before he was announced, if not sewed up ) or excite a particular ideological wing. In fact, the number of twitterati who expressed disappointment that he was "another boring white man " showed the extent of cultural change. That's something to recognize and cheer - if not the only reason to decide.


Instead, Hillary did what she told us she would do: she chose the candidate she believed best qualified for the job; a man who shares her values and has taken on some of the same tough fights.

Does this sound familiar? When Hillary graduated from law school, she passed up the big law firms, and went to work for the Children's Defense Fund. When Tim Kaine graduated from law school, he set up up a practice in civil rights and disability rights - not exactly a corporate priority.

We all know what Hillary did next...Service! Service! Service! Taking on the hard fights and the special interests. Tim Kaine's bio hits the same notes.

As Governor, he took on some tough fights: against the NRA, that tried and failed to beat him every time he ran; against the tobacco lobby and the coal industry; and for expanding preschool education. As Senator, he spoke up for immigrants, and against defunding Planned Parenthood. Yes, definitely some similarities there.

And one more echo: Hillary knows the way to make progress is to reach out, including across party lines. She has shown she can do this. She worked with Tom DeLay on foster care, and with Lindsey Graham on healthcare for military families.

The warm personal response to Tim Kaine from Senate Republicans suggests he is ready to do the same.

Sample Republican shout outs on Kaine. Include Lindsey Graham as a "fan."

The hate-filled rhetoric at the Republican Convention in Cleveland made clear, if we ever wondered, just how high the stakes are in this election. Republicans chose a presidential nominee who campaigns by dividing and scapegoating, and a vice- president whose priority in congress to was defund Planned Parenthood, and who signed as Governor a bill authorizing discrimination against LGBTQ people.

What a pair!

We have a team who knows we are stronger together; who have worked throughout their lives in public service to build a better, healthier, stronger country, with a better future for every child. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine will work to find common ground when they can, and stand their ground when they must.

That's our ground too; we will be proud to stand with them.

But first we have to work to elect them!


July 24,2016 from Philadelphia

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