3 Reasons Vladimir Putin is a Stronger Leader than President Obama

No. 1

President Obama gripes about his press coverage.

Vladimir Putin assassinates editors and journalists who threaten his reputation; fifty six, so far, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. .Among those listed as murdered was opposition leader Boris Nemtzov. https://cpj.org/killed/europe/russia/

And not all have been dispatched with a merciful shot to the back of the head, although many have. Others have been clubbed, knifed or poisoned with slow-acting chemical agents. Alexander Litvinenko, living in exile in London, suffered a prolonged death, a victim of lethal Polonium 210- induced acute radiation syndrome.

Who's the strong guy here? The one who whines that they're out to get him, or the man who makes sure they never can?

No. 2

President Obama is trying to make nice with the security threats to our south, sending unprecedented amounts of aid to states and communities in Mexico and Central America to fight the drug related violence that sends migrants fleeing toward our borders.

Vladimir Putin showed his region whose boss by annexing the Crimea to secure a geographic advantage over his next target: Ukraine.

Who's the strong guy here? Mister Lead-from-Behind who indulges countries that send their sickos and crooks to ours? Or the man who takes what he needs, then smirks when challenged at a subsequent global summit

No. 3

President Obama poll numbers fluctuate; sometimes he's up and sometimes he's down.

Vladimir Putin maintains a steady (astronomical) rating by declaring polling agencies that register a decline "enemy agents", thereby denying their legitimacy. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/06/world/europe/russia-vladimir-v-putin-levada-center-polling-duma-united-russia.html?partner=rss&emc=rss

Who's the strong guy here?who is Mr. Big? The guy who lets himself to be judged like some bashful prom queen contender, or the man who commandeers all means of communications to protect his image and prolong his power?

You decide.

It's clear.

A candidate who admires a dictator who

  • Invades and/or destabilizes sovereign countries,
  • Murders adversaries
  • Cultivates friendship of entrepreneurs before having them indicted and imprisoned on fallacious charges, then plunders and appropriates the companies they built
  • Approves a state-sponsored program to provide Russian athletes with performance enhancing drugs
  • Creates a sophisticated global network of hackers and phony news agencies to disrupt legitimate discourse and disseminate misinformation
  • Worsens mayhem in Syria by declaring all opponents of Assad terrorists, freeing his forces to kill with abandon

has no business challenging the leadership qualities of those who

  • serve us and the world by pursuing peace through diplomacy,
  • encourage investment and entrepreneurship
  • adhere to the values of fair play
  • invite the very kind of discussion and debate that allow us to see what a disgrace, what a disaster, what a danger, a President Trump would be.


September 9, 2016


Voices4Hillary is proud to present a Gallery putting Obama and Putin to the Testosterone Test. Comments, anyone? We are taking a poll.

Here's the full image of our cover photo. This is a portrait of Vladimir Putin by artist, Alexander Shednov (know as Sherik). He was arrested by Putin on June 17, 2009

Vladimir Putin in one of this favorite poses.

President Obama in one of his favorite poses.

You choose.

One further gift-- Trump and Putin Lip-Locked for Eternity.

Putin and his long lost love, Donald Trump, doing what they do best. The Putin-Trump Kiss shared around the world. Lithuanian Artist Mindaugas Bonanu.

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