1 big thing: Inside Mayor Mike's massive machine.

Data: Advertising Analytics, FEC. Chart: Danielle Alberti/Axios

Mike Bloomberg is creating a parallel, unofficial party structure in case the DNC can't make the eventual Democratic nominee competitive with President Trump, Alexi McCammond and Stef Kight write.

  • Why it matters: In just over a month, Bloomberg spent more than the top 2020 contenders, including Trump, for the whole final quarter of 2019 combined, according to FEC data.
  • He also outspent the entire RNC and DNC.

Inside the machine: With 2,100 paid staff, Bloomberg has three times as many as Trump, five times as many as Joe Biden and more than twice as many as Elizabeth Warren, according to data the campaigns provided to Axios.

  • He pays his staff more than any other 2020 Democrat, and offers housing if they have to move to New York City, according to a campaign official.
  • Bloomberg has locked down big names in Democratic politics, many of whom were crucial to Barack Obama's election.
"He's building his own infrastructure [and investing] in the tech and data to really build his own operation," a Bloomberg campaign aide said.
  • "If you look at what happened in Iowa, it's a good problem for us to have that we are self-reliant."
By the numbers: Since January, Bloomberg has spent more on Facebook ads than Biden, Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg combined.
  • Trump is the king of Facebook ads, but Bloomberg has spent $5.7 million more than the president's campaign in the past month.
  • Stories about Bloomberg have remained in the top 5 for social media interactions for the past few weeks, according to the Axios-Newswhip 2020 Attention Tracker.
The bottom line: Bloomberg's campaign has repeatedly said he'll spend "whatever it takes" to beat Trump.
  • There's nothing stopping Bloomberg from topping $2 billion.
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Mike Allan, Axios, February 8, 2020


February 8, 2020

Voices4America Post Script. The Debate in New Hampshire lifted many a blue spirit last night, with particular shout outs for @AmyKlobuchar outstanding performance. The one blue figure missing was the man in this post. Read all about what #MikeBloomberg is doing. #RememberInNovember

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